About Us

My name is Chelsea Hollingsworth! I’m the owner of Coastal Roots Clothing Co. I’m a 26 year old mama to a sweet sweet 4 year old boy and beautiful 6 month old baby girl. We also have custody of my gorgeous 14 year old sister so I am pretty much her mama too 💗 I’m married to the absolute love of my life & have been married for almost 2 years. I started making t-shirts, cups & other things with a cricut machine about 8 years ago. I took a short break & started working for a financial institution and worked there for 5 years. I started Coastal Roots in April 2019, so I quit my 9-5 and decided I wanted to start focusing on my t-shirt business full time. I LOVE coffee & spending time with my little family.

Born & raised on the Coast, my roots are deep here so of course that’s where Coastal Roots came from. My vision was to always focus on anything southern/coastal related, especially for boys, it’s a hard life for us boy mamas trying to find some cute clothes for them. I also love to focus on mamas because lord knows we need some cute, comfy clothes. I know there are so many other great t-shirt businesses & me and my family are so thankful y’all choose and trust me!

I specialize in sublimation & embroidery. I take custom orders for both. I can also embroider personal items.

If you ever order anything from me, I do ask that you post/tag me so I can see you enjoying your Coastal Roots items! 💗